Commune with Nature 5e is an amazing DnD spell that you can use against your opponents in the exciting game of D&D. This is a very cool spell. Anyone belonging to the class of Druid, Ranger can use this dramatic spell. You can find this spell in the Players Handbook which is a must to have book as it has great content.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about this DnD 5e spell. So just keep reading this article to use this amazing spell.

Commune with Nature 5e

Spell NameCommune with Nature 5e
SourcePLAYER’S HANDBOOK, page 224.
Casting Time1 Minute
ComponentsVerbal, Somatic
ClassDruid, Ranger
SubclassAncients Paladin, Land (Arctic) Druid, Land (Forest) Druid, Totem Warrior Barbarian, Lurker in the Deep (UA) Warlock
RacesHalf-Orc (Mark of Finding), Human (Mark of Finding)
BackgroundsSelesnya Initiate

Commune with Nature 5e Explained

You briefly become one with nature and gain knowledge of the surrounding territory. In the outdoors, the spell gives you knowledge of the land within 3 miles of you. In caves and other natural underground settings, the radius is limited to 300 feet. The spell doesn’t function where nature has been replaced by construction, such as in dungeons and towns.

You instantly gain knowledge of up to three facts of your choice about any of the following subjects as they relate to the area:

  • terrain and bodies of water
  • prevalent plants, minerals, animals, or peoples
  • powerful celestials, fey, fiends, elementals, or undead
  • influence from other planes of existence
  • buildings

For example, you could determine the location of powerful undead in the area, the location of major sources of safe drinking water, and the location of any nearby towns.

More Info

The casting time of this spell is 1 minute and the range of attack is self. The duration of the spell is instantaneous. The level of this Dnd spell is 5. You have to perform separate rituals to use this spell.

The components of the spell are somatic and verbal. Meaning you have to gesture with one hand while speaking the incantation. The school is divination.


So this is it! Above is all the information that you need to use the spell effectively on your opponents. If you have any cool ideas or interesting stories about this spell, I would love to hear them down in the comment section.

I hope that you will have a great day, and as always, happy casting.

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